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Universal Health Services’ Home Health Division is a licensed and certified Medicare home care agency serving Medicare, Managed Care, and Insurance patients.

Providing home healthcare, hospice care, personal assistance, home assistance, physical therapy and more.

Universal Health Resources is a non-profit hospice organization in Fort Worth.  Our mission is to enhance the lives of terminally ill patients through financial assistance in paying for medications not covered by insurance, high utility bills, rent, and any other service or need that will provide comfort or peace of mind to the patient.  We also seek to grant a last wish to patients, often in the form of reuniting him/her with a loved-one living a distance away and unable to afford to come for a visit.


As you know, terminal illness affects so many more than the person who is ill.  It is not a respecter of age, status, race, religion or cultural heritage.  Melissa was a young mother in her thirties when she was admitted to Universal’s Hospice and Palliative Care Facility.  Her illness caused severe, excruciating pain, yet her primary concern upon admission was that she would be unable to throw her son a 10th birthday party.  Universal Health Resources (UHR) stepped in and assured her we would get the cake, balloons, decorations, and gifts and throw the birthday party here at the facility.  In talking to her further, we learned that she had an older son living in another state with his dad, but there were no funds to bring him to Fort Worth to visit his mom a last time.  So, UHR quickly made arrangements for the son to be on a plane the next day to arrive in time for the birthday party.  The son was able to stay a week before returning home.  His mom passed away just days after his visit.  Though it was a relatively small gesture for a very brief reunion, that last visit will last in that young man’s memory the rest of his life and may have saved him from the nagging “what if’s” and “if only’s” that can eat at people who do not make it back to visit a dying loved one prior to their passing.

Another patient commented on his social worker’s cowboy hat at every visit – “Man, I wish I had a hat like that; how much does a hat like that cost?”  After several such encounters, the social worker came to UHR and asked if we could get the patient a cowboy hat- which we did.  The patient was so proud, he wore it from the time he got up in the morning to the time he went to bed every day.  At his funeral, there sat on the casket that cowboy hat.  That hat did not provide any relief from physical pain or add any days to his life, but it added a sense of pride and dignity and significance to this man’s life for whatever days he had left.


Another way in which funds are used to make a difference at UHR is our Veterans and First Responders Memorial Garden.  We are working to raise the last of the funds needed to complete this project.  We want to make sure that the Veterans and First Responders who are cared for at our in-patient hospice facility know who much we respect them and appreciate the service they have given their country.  We are creating a special space within our garden areas that pays tribute to these men and women who have sacrificed so much.  Anchored by a beautiful bronze eagle, there are limestone monuments for each branch of military service and one for First Responders.  Families are welcome to purchase a name plate to put on the monuments to pay tribute to a loved-one who was a Veteran or First Responder.  This memorial garden is open to the community and tributes do not have to be just for those who have passed on our services.  I am attaching a rendering of the garden area.

These are the ways in which donations and sponsorships to our organization help touch the lives of patients on hospice and the lives of their families.  We believe that all life is valuable and worthy of dignity, comfort and respect until the last breath is drawn.



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