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The Referral Resource Guide was created in 2004 to provide consumers with businesses that demonstrate expertise and integrity in their specialized service fields and to help qualified businesses to succeed. Our mission is to reflect integrity to the community and provide visibility for the advertiser. To represent the best, we must also be the best… trusted, credible, reliable, reputable, and honest. Learn more. »

For Consumers

A business cannot just pay to advertise in The Referral Resource Guide; it must be screened and qualified as a “business with integrity”. Each business in The Guide must pass an interviewing process that includes providing several qualified referrals. You can be assured of the integrity, character, and work ethic of each advertiser through this stringent process. Scroll up to find a business in the directory, or…

For Advertisers

The Guide features advertisers both online, where the content is available for the world to view, and in print, where the community receives a copy in the mail by request only. Over 5,000 families and businesses from Fort Worth, Texas to the Global Community receive copies for free. Because each advertiser must be screened and qualified, the community knows that every advertiser is committed to serving them with dignity and respect.

What People Are Saying...

Brenda has that rare combination of compassion and good business sense. She brings creativity and enthusiasm to every project. I'm glad to recommend Brenda because you know you can trust her and trust the recommendations she makes through The Referral Resource Guide. You know she'll finish whatever she starts and do it with style and grace.
Colleen Colton
Founding President of Texas Guardianship
Long-term business is always between people who like and trust each other. Find a trusted source or be a trusted source at The Referral Resource Guide. Brenda Ryan rises to the top of print media. As editor and owner, she is always choosing to represent the best in the market!
Don Hicks
Brenda is such a pleasure to work with...she’s a visionary, a power connecter driven by her heart and a desire to serve the community at large.

It’s been an exciting year to watch The Referral Resource Guide grow from 17 years of service in Fort Worth and North Texas, to now in 2021 serving the global community of like-minded small businesses owners everywhere!

You can count on Brenda for integrity and follow through in any project you might partner with her in. I highly recommend connecting with her 1:1 for deeper networking and to see how your business might benefit by advertising in The Referral Resource Guide.
Jake Brittain testimonial
Jake Brittain
I had seen how active Brenda is in the community over the past couple of years and was already impressed by the feedback I was getting.

I got to know her and see the difference she's making in Fort Worth up close and personal this past year. She has a passion for helping people and seeing them succeed. The work she is doing with The Referral Resource Guide is not comparable to standard advertising today. She gets to know each person and makes sure that she can stand behind the people she recommends in her Guide. She is a trustworthy resource and an authentic leader!
Anne Small testimonial
Anne Small
Blessed by Networking

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