On first meeting Brenda Ryan, most are impressed with her kind spirit and warm smile. When you meet her, you too will agree that she is big hearted, caring and genuine. With these wonderful attributes, it made perfect sense for Brenda to choose counseling as her career. Since receiving her B.S. in Guidance and Counseling in Education from the University of North Texas (Denton, TX,) formerly North Texas State University, Ms. Ryan has had a richly diverse career.

Having a heart for those less fortunate, Brenda began her career as a counselor at Urban Ministries. Urban Ministries provided affordable and professional counseling services, on a sliding scale fee, to clients who might not otherwise be able to receive these necessary benefits.

Ms. Ryan has always shown a strong desire to enrich the lives of those she serves. This quality was put to great use when she worked at the Arlington Handicap Association. As the Day Enrichment Program Director, she provided a variety of rich experiences in art, music, crafts and special outings for those individuals coping with debilitating, physical limitations.

It’s important to Brenda that she empowers individuals to become independent and successful. This was evident when she worked as a Home Health Aide Supervisor through Family Services at the United Way (Fort Worth, Texas.) The program created a win-win solution for two groups. Welfare dependent women were trained with skills to assist the elderly. Ms. Ryan supervised the women as they provided assistance to senior adults. By receiving this necessary support, these older citizens were able to remain in their homes and retain their independence. Additionally, the women were able to provide for themselves and their children with their earnings. This, then, empowered these women to leave behind a life of dependence on governmental welfare.

One of Brenda’s greatest attributes is how she champions those who have fallen between the cracks. Working as a counselor at Spruce Youth Emergency Shelter (Fort Worth, Texas) she had the opportunity to work with “runaways” and what society has callously referred to as “throwaway teenagers”. These children never knew how precious they were. And they certainly didn’t realize they could make a difference in the world – – – until they received some much needed help. Though quite challenging, Ms. Ryan found this experience to be highly rewarding.

Through Parents Anonymous (Fort Worth, Texas), Brenda served as a volunteer counselor. There, she worked with children who were too young to verbally express their feelings. The children were able to “act out” their feelings, through the use of play therapy. This provided Ms. Ryan with the necessary information to know just how to help the children process their experiences and move into healing.

Throughout her counseling career, Brenda has generously given of herself to help others achieve success.

Today, as both Founder and Publisher of The Referral Resource Guide, Brenda Ryan continues to serve a wide variety of people. This desire to benefit others is realized as The Referral Resource Guide donates a portion of the proceeds to Heifer International, a world hunger relief program dedicated to ending world starvation. Ms. Ryan makes connections that benefit the community, both locally and globally… through Connections Publishing Company.