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Advertising Benefits

  1. Free Screening Process that provides you with a valuable tool which offers assurance to the community of your integrity, character and work ethic.
  2. Direct link to your website from ours.
  3. Use of the “CPC Seal of Excellence”. Your customers can readily link back to our home page describing to them the high standards of our screening process that your company has achieved.
  4. Advertising opportunities in the The Referral Resource Guide, print version.
  5. Media Exposure through presentations, mail-out opportunities and other marketing efforts of The Referral Resource Guide
  6. Knowing that a portion of the proceeds have already been given to Heifer International, a world hunger relief program dedicated to ending starvation.

Website Advertising Guidelines

We are committed to excellence; therefore, for the integrity of the guide every advertiser must be pre-screened by submitting 7-10 referrals and passing the interview process. In other words, businesses can’t simply pay for advertising; they must prove to be credible and reliable. This required screening enables us to ensure the character and work ethic of our advertisers.

We believe it’s not enough to just provide a product or service. These businesses share a strong sense of pride and passion for their work and are committed to providing quality as a resource team of each service represented.

These guidelines are a reflection of The Referral Resource Guide and its effort to build, maintain and promote quality online advertising for pre-screened product or service providers.

Minimum requirements for website link inclusions:

  • Site must have contextually relevant landing pages
  • G-rated site only
  • Sites must be in English or contain an English language version
  • Sites must be active, navigable and load in a reasonable amount of time
  • Sites must contain contact information other than an email address

Application for Advertising

Must agree to Advertising Guidelines, and Terms & Conditions of Use to advertise


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