When it comes to finding the best auto repair service, or auto dealerships, or transmission service, there are things that we all look for and need to feel to have a satisfactory experience with our cars.

I personally look for:
Do they treat me like I understand something about cars?
Do they talk directly to me or down to me?
Are their prices reasonable? I don’t expect the lowest price but I also don’t expect inflated prices.
Do they come with a recommendation that they are skilled?
Do they come with a recommendation that they have integrity?
If I go to them, do they try too sell me some kind of flush this or flush that or you need to do this or that instead of just addressing the problem that I came too them about?

My favorite mechanic that I ever had was the best at just explaining. I could go to him and say, “somebody told me that I needed to get my transmission flushed”. His words to me were, “well, I looked that and there is just no advantage to doing that. The best thing you can do if you are concerned about your transmission is to do regular maintenance on it such as changing the oil and filters AND some of that depends on if you have been doing that at all in the past.”

To me that was valuable advice. He didn’t try to sell me anything. He told me his experience with it and he told me what he thought would be the best choice for my vehicle based on what he knew about it. He didn’t say anything like “oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to mention that to you. We can flush your transmission and it will cost you $blah$.” He just told me how he felt about it and I didn’t get the impression that he felt it was valuable unlike the guy that was trying to sell that to me at the quick change oil place.

Unfortunately, after having my mechanic for years he died of a sudden heart attack and I lost not only and wonderful mechanic but a great friend. Now if I need someone to work on my car I depend on finding someone that is first recommended by somebody. I also want to know if they have personally used the person. I also want to know that they are not going to give me the sales pitch. How about you?

Auto repair services, car dealerships and other auto specialty services that are featured in The Referral Resource Guide, are businesses with integrity and reliable. They must meet the qualifications for a space in The Referral Resource Guide. We have the best auto mechanics in Fort Worth featured right here in our guide and if you would like to see who they are just follow the links below.

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