Hi Brenda,

Thank you!  The event was fun and a great way to get The Referral Resource Guide members together to share their stories.  We appreciate all you do to support us, and the integrity of the Guide.

John, Tres Coaching Services

Long-term business is always between people who like and trust each other.  Find a trusted source or be a trusted source at The Referral Resource Guide. Brenda rises to the top of print media.  As editor and owner, she is always choosing to represent the best in the market!

Dear Brenda,

I have a copy of last year’s Referral Resource Guide which has been very useful to me.  In fact, I now rely on your publication when it comes to contacting contractors to work at my home.  In addition, I would like to request a copy of this year’s Guide to be mailed to me.  As you can see, I can’t wait for the new guide to arrive!

Olga Papadopoulou
Arlington, TX

Janet gave me a Guide and I read about how you require that all businesses who advertise within your Guide must pass a screening process.  I think that this is an excellent rule of thumb and I commend you for doing this, as so many other publications/Guides don’t care at all about their advertisers’ credibility, they just want their money.

Whitney Campbell
Special Dish – Fort Worth Weekly
Interactive Media Account Executive