The Referral Resource Guide is proud to receive these endorsements from people we personally know in the community. These are not anonymous or solicited online reviews—these are given to us from people who value our mission, trust us, use and/or advertise in The Guide.

My friend Janet gave me a Guide. I read about how you require that all businesses who advertise within your Guide must pass a screening process. I think that this is an excellent rule of thumb. So many other publications don’t care at all about their advertisers’ credibility. They just want their money. I commend you for doing this.
Whitney Campbell
Special Dish – Fort Worth Weekly Interactive Media Account Executive
I am the new President of the Burleson Chamber of Commerce. I know how important it is to get your name out in the community. When community members know who you are they have trust in what you do. The Referral Resource Guide owned by Brenda Ryan is a tool that can help you as a business owner get your name out in the community.

The Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce has had a strong relationship with Brenda in the past and is pleased to continue that relationship on into the future. She has a lot of experience and expertise in publishing effective referral-based guides that will put your organization in the best light.
Dan-O Strong
President and CEO, Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce
Brenda is a real giver. It's rare to find someone these days who is so concerned with helping people. She's more than just a marketing expert. She really gets to know her customers and connect them to new business. Give her 1% of your confidence and she'll earn the rest!
Jeff Crilley
Emmy-Award Winning Journalist, Founder and CEO at Real News PR
Long-term business is always between people who like and trust each other. Find a trusted source or be a trusted source at The Referral Resource Guide. Brenda Ryan rises to the top of print media. As editor and owner, she is always choosing to represent the best in the market!
Don Hicks
Brenda, I just wanted to let you know how much your service has helped me. We met at the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Award Finalist breakfast and sat next to each other. After I found out what you did I told you about a problem I had with trying to get gutters for my house. Your referred one of your preferred vendors to me and they came out installed the gutters and did an excellent job. I really appreciate you solving what should have been a simple problem for me. Your guide really makes a difference.
Kathy Sipes
Sipes Promotional Concepts, Inc.
Brenda, your Guide was right on time again. We had water leaking problems this week and I remembered using the Guide and calling the plumber in The Guide last time. Called him again, he came out that night and started working on our problem.

Best of all, we feel we got a good, fair price. My husband got to meet him this time and they “clicked”. Thanks again!
Cheryl W. Jones
Economic Development Specialist, City of Fort Worth
Brenda is a detail oriented businesswoman, she is a great asset to the community working to put business's and people together through The Referral Resource Guide.
Ancil E. Wilson III
Managing Partner at CSI Renovations, LLC
Brenda is just about as genuine as they come. She truly has a servant's heart and looks for new ways to put others first. She sets the standards high which is why I know any business that has her "stamp of approval" will go above and beyond to make their customers proud. It was such a pleasure to spend time with her and I highly recommend her in all her endeavors.
Brooke Barron
Chief Training and Sales Officer at ProVest Insurance Group
Brenda truly cares about the businesses she advertises for and does everything she can to help them succeed. She recommends them to others she thinks could use their services every chance she gets!
Kat Hood
Senior Art Director at Robinson Creative Inc.
Brenda is a true professional, she has a vision for her business and has successfully created an organization and publication that highlights other professionals in they're individual fields.
Kimberly Linzy
Voice Over Artist at Vixen Voice
I would just like to give a shout out to Brenda over at The Referral Resource Guide. The businesses in the guide are hand picked and well researched and reviewed. Brenda puts a personal touch on finding only the best businesses with the most honest and reliable services to offer. Not to mention the charity work the TRRG is involved in supporting is amazing. Kudos to a honest resource guide with good old down to earth ethics!
Bethany Sanchez
Sanchez Foundation Repair
I love the Referral Resource Guide. I use it to find tons of companies I can work with!
Terry Sullivan
Words would not describe how much I appreciate Brenda and TRRG. She has truly been a blessing not only for my business but for my personal life as well. Thanks so much for what you do everyday all the time.
Michelle Hill
All Junked Up
Brenda Ryan & her guide are true blessings! Brenda is well connected & passionate about helping people & businesses that can be trusted. Thank you Brenda!
Tiffany Paisley
Brenda is a very personable, positive and ethical professional. I have seen first hand her interactions with her clients and potential clients at our weekly networking meetings. People look to Brenda for her help and advice. Her publication has a good local following and a strong reputation.

I am very pleased that I have entrusted advertising my business with Brenda and I am happy to provide additional comments and support.
Paul Hattimer
Clubhouse Manager, Rolling Hills Country Club
Brenda is both professionally and personally, a tremendous resource for her clients, reaching far beyond the pages of her Referral Resource Guide. As your business partner, she will voluntarily extend herself in the role of mentor, coach, marketer and spokesperson. Her involvement in our surrounding communities, her influence among our business peers, her contributions to other organizations, all come into play, when you become a client of the Guide. What a great support to have! Thank you Brenda.
Rosie Marie Holt
President, CruiseOne - R Holt & Associates Independent Vacation Specialist
Brenda is one of a kind when it comes to promoting her clients in The Referral Resource Guide. Not only will your business be included in a Guide filled with only the most top notch, reliable and trustworthy businesses in the DFW metroplex, but you will also benefit from "Brenda being everywhere" promoting your products and/or services described in the Guide. Brenda knows how to promote your business and is full of ideas in case you need a few to create your advertising. As I've said many times, Brenda does not just sell advertisng, she advertises quality and integrity!
Shauna S. Gheen
Commercial Lender, The National Bank of Texas
It is a pleasure to know Brenda. Although we've only known each other a short period of time, it feels like we've known each other forever! She is a kind, humble, and generous person. I appreciate her passion to help others increase awareness about their business through her publication. Most importantly, I am excited about the opportunity to work with her and build upon this chance meeting that I'm sure the Lord has orchestrated!
Shellye L. Lyons
Administrative Professional | Passionate Social Media Leader | Hootsuite Certified Social Media Specialist | Content Development | Business Consulting

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