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“Out Where the West Begins” brought together the theatrical and musical talents of the Hip Pocket Theatre ensemble and created a team led by the vision of Johnny Simons that has staged more than 237 productions, including over 150 world premieres during the past thirty-seven years.

43rd Performance Season Dates Showing Show Times
Seven Sinatra Veronicas June 7 – June 30 Fri-Sun @ 9PM
Arcadia Darling July 12 – Aug 4 Fri-Sun @ 9PM
Love Letters to a Raven Aug 9 – Aug 11 Fri-Sun @ 9PM
Baby Snooks and Daddy Aug 23 – Sept 15 Fri-Sun @ 9PM
The Monkey Wrench Gang Sept 27 – Oct 20 Fri-Sun 8:15PM
Hip Film Fest Dates Showing Show Times
Riders of the Purple Sage (1985) October 25 Fri @ 8:15PM
A Saga of Billy The Kid (1992) October 26 Sat @ 8:15PM
Underneath the Top Down (A Cowtown Brigadoon) (1984) October 27 Sun @ 8:15PM



11950 Silver Creek Rd., Fort Worth, Texas 76108

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