At Acu-Elligent, we empower businesses to seize government and corporate contracting opportunities. Our expertise and dedication are your keys to success in both sectors.

For those seeking contracts, our services are tailored to navigate the intricate procurement world. We guide you through complex regulations, policies, and compliance requirements. We assist in developing competitive proposals, making well-informed bid/no-bid decisions, and ensuring fair pricing through expert negotiations. Our support extends to audit preparation, subcontracting strategies, and ongoing contract performance management.

Like government opportunities for businesses pursuing corporate contracts, we are equally committed to your growth. We offer insights into corporate compliance, strategic planning, and performance assessment. We help you develop captivating proposals and offer compliance management. Our team equips you with a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and provides essential training.

With Acu-Elligent, your journey to success in government and corporate contracting begins here. Let us guide you, no matter which path you choose.

About our CEO

I founded Acu-Elligent LLC, a consulting agency with a strong focus on government and corporate contracts. With over 25 years of experience as a Retired Government Contracting Officer, I bring a wealth of knowledge. My expertise extends to assisting small businesses in successfully securing government and corporate contracts, making the seemingly complex process more accessible. My consulting experience covers the entire contracting process, providing comprehensive support to businesses seeking government and corporate contracts. 

Personal Mission and Background

Government and corporate contracts offer a reliable revenue stream and the opportunity to enhance your business’s industry reputation. My background as a Procurement decision maker and Contracting Officer, overseeing portfolios valued as high as $100 billion, equips me with the insights needed to position your business for success in these areas. I have experience in various industries, including Construction, IT, Maintenance/Janitorial, Professional Training and development, and Managed Healthcare Services. Government contracting doesn’t have to be intimidating – contact me today, and let’s unlock your business’s potential to secure more bids. My mission is to help black women-owned small businesses correctly win government and corporate contracts. I am a consultant, author, mentor, and speaker with a strong background as an Air Force Veteran and over 40 years of experience in Government Logistics, Procurement, and Contracting.

How We Work

Needs Assessment and Goal Setting

– Introduction and understanding of your specific needs.

– Setting clear, measurable goals.

Tailored Consulting and Coaching

– Customized strategy development and implementation.

– Regular consultations and guidance.

Ongoing Support and Growth

– Monitoring progress and making adjustments.

– Providing education and training.

– Strategic planning for future opportunities and growth.

Working with Acu-Elligent is a collaborative process to help you succeed in government and corporate contracting. We tailor our services to your specific goals and continue to support your growth and success over time.

Contracting Consulting


Companies need Contracting Consulting services to survive and thrive in today’s highly competitive business landscape. These services offer invaluable support in ensuring contract compliance, mitigating risks, and capitalizing on opportunities. 

The three key benefits include:

1. Enhanced Efficiency and Compliance: Contract Compliance Assistance, Contract Negotiation, and Compliance and Audit Support streamline processes, reducing the risk of costly errors and ensuring businesses adhere to the ever-evolving regulations and policies.

2. Winning Strategies: Proposal Development and Review, Market Research, and Bid/No-Bid Decision Support arm companies with the insights and strategies needed to secure lucrative contracts, identify market opportunities, and make informed decisions on which contracts to pursue.

3. Growth and Expertise: Services like GSA Schedule Assistance, Subcontracting and Teaming Arrangements, and Small Business Program Support empower companies to expand their reach, build strategic partnerships, and take full advantage of specialized programs, resulting in substantial growth and a competitive edge.

Proposal Development


We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to ensure your proposals are not just submissions but winning strategies. 

The three key benefits include:

1. Strategic Excellence: Proposal Strategy Development, Competitive Analysis, and Proposal Evaluation are integral to crafting proposals that stand out in the marketplace. These services enable businesses to develop well-researched, competitive strategies that enhance their chances of success.

2. Efficient Proposal Process: Our services streamline every aspect of the proposal process, from Planning and Content Development to Graphics and Visuals and Proposal Production. This efficiency ensures proposals are compelling and delivered on time and within budget.

3. Quality Assurance: Proposal Review and Editing, along with Compliance Management, guarantee that your proposals are well-written and compliant with strict regulations and requirements. This quality assurance minimizes risks and enhances the overall impact of your submissions.

Our Service List

– Proposal Strategy Development

– Proposal Planning

– Proposal Content Development

– Proposal Writing

– Proposal Coordination

– Compliance Management

– Graphics and Visuals

– Proposal Review and Editing

– Proposal Production

– Competitive Analysis

– Proposal Evaluation

– Post-Proposal Activities

Contract Compliance


Our Contract Compliance services offer a comprehensive approach to ensuring adherence to contractual obligations and regulatory requirements. 

The three key benefits include:

1. Strategic Compliance: From Contract Compliance Assessment and Compliance Framework Development to Compliance Risk Management, we help businesses establish strong compliance foundations. This strategic approach ensures that companies are well-prepared to meet their obligations and manage compliance risks effectively.

2. Knowledge and Expertise: Compliance Training and Education, Compliance Communication and Training, and Continuous Improvement services empower organizations to enhance their compliance awareness and capabilities. This results in a well-informed workforce that is better equipped to maintain compliance standards.

3. Risk Mitigation and Accountability: Our services, such as Non-Compliance Investigation and Remediation and Compliance Reporting and Disclosure, ensure that businesses have the tools to promptly investigate and address any non-compliance issues. This approach reduces the potential impact of non-compliance and fosters a culture of accountability and transparency within the organization.

Our Service List

– Contract Compliance Assessment

– Compliance Framework Development

– Compliance Training and Education

– Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

– Compliance Documentation and Recordkeeping

– Non-Compliance Investigation and Remediation

– Subcontractor and Supplier Compliance Management

– Ethics and Code of Conduct

– Compliance Reporting and Disclosure

– Compliance Risk Management

– Compliance Communication and Training

– Continuous Improvement

Capability Assessment and Improvement


Our Assessment services thoroughly evaluate various aspects of your organization, providing a clear path toward improvement and growth. 

The three key benefits include:

1. Informed Decision-Making: Organizational Assessment, Past Performance Evaluation, and Risk Assessment offer valuable insights for making strategic decisions. They comprehensively understand your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, past performance, and potential risks.

2. Enhanced Competence: Skills and Competency Assessment, Technical Capability Assessment, and Team Assessment help identify areas where improvements can be made. By enhancing your skills, technical capabilities, and team dynamics, you can position your organization for future success.

3. Strategic Planning: Services such as SWOT Analysis, Gap Analysis, and Capability Improvement Plan facilitate strategic planning and development. These services guide you in setting goals, addressing weaknesses, and maximizing your organization’s potential. Continuous Monitoring ensures that these improvements are sustained and adapted for ongoing success.

Our Service List

– Organizational Assessment

– Skills and Competency Assessment

– Technical Capability Assessment

– Past Performance Evaluation

– Financial Capability Assessment

– Capacity Assessment

– Risk Assessment

– SWOT Analysis

– Gap Analysis

– Team Assessment

– Capability Improvement Plan

– Continuous Monitoring


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