Helping people to reduce inflammation, joint pain and stress

Helga Dalla, founder of Advancing Health Naturally is a passionate health coach. Helga’s passionate about helping people reduce inflammation, joint pain and stress.”

Helga lives on the Sunshine Coast, AUSTRALIA.

Helga Dalla is a health influencer that has implemented her knowledge from her own healing journey from Rheumatoid Arthritis to build a business. She has helped hundreds of women reduce joint pain and inflammation naturally by using her simple pain reduction system ~ “Ladies Energy Activation Program.”

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On March 15, 2015, Helga’s life was thrown into turmoil with the sudden onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Conventional drug-based treatments made her ill and depressed.

Fuelled by her own personal health challenge she set out to find natural health solutions.

Enlightened by her success she felt compelled to share her journey of healing to help others. Helga is on a mission to reach and inspire others about alternative healing options and to disrupt the reliance people have on doctors and to show them there are new natural ground-breaking discoveries to help people.

To expand the sharing, Helga has created the Not-for-Profit Organisation ‘Advancing Health’, to focus on raising awareness and education about natural products, activation and therapies that will help enable communities around the globe. She is currently developing an interview series to help those struggling with health challenges by sharing real healing success stories and collaborating with others to create an evidence based All Natural Health Directory.

When Helga’s not travelling, interviewing, coaching, photographing or inspiring others, you’ll find her either walking her fur baby Indi on the beach, practicing yoga, spending time with other game changers or with her family and 14 grandchildren.

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Helga’s Story

After a 12-year stint in the corporate world I finally broke the chains and started my own a freelance photojournalist business. I loved my work capturing the lives and stories through my lens. I’m also a dog lover, health junkie, fitness fanatic who enjoys a very active lifestyle.

Then in the midst of training for a 80km Mountain Run Event…life threw a curve ball my way. I found myself facing a serious health problem and the diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was a real struggle living with the excruciating joint discomfort, lack of energy and my unhealthy body and sad life.

Everyday things I took for granted, like showering, cutting my food, walking the dog, photography all became a fading memory.

The medications made me sick. Some days I didn’t want to get out of bed to face another day.

I tried everything! Pills. N­ew Diets. Potions. BUT nothing made a difference and I got worse as the months went by.

Then I saw a social media post about a product my friend shared. I reached out and she told me about her husband’s health story, that was very similar and how he had managed to get his health back on track with a natural product.

Sceptical yes, super sceptical, as I’d heard it all before, but curiosity got the better of me so decided to try the product for myself.

It was as if my body had a SWITCH and it turned itself back on.

  • I now have oodles of energy to chase my 14 grandchildren around.
  • No nana naps for me.
  • I bounce out of bed these days.
  • No more joint discomfort and the freedom to exercise again.

I’m excited about the future.

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I’ve found a new career path as a health coach and LifeVantage consultant and recaptured my excitement again for business. I love the freedom it’s given me to travel, choose my hours and build a life by my design.

Not only do I capture people through my lens I now get to help thousands of others who are looking for ways to advance their health naturally, reduce joint pain, inflammation, and stress.

Now I get to run a home-based business that operates in over 20 Countries. Serving 1000’s of people 24/7 sharing the gift of Optimal Wellness. Collaborating with others to impact more lives across the globe.

As a health coach I sell health coaching and a variety of health eBooks. The people who buy my coaching and eBooks are those who are suffering with arthritis, joint pain, inflammation, stress who are tired of being unwell, living with pain and lack of sleep.

How to Reduce Inflammation Naturally – ebook
Cost: $19.95

Most Favourite LifeVantage Product
Protandin Activated Essentials
Cost: $190

Health Coaching Session
Cost: $20.22

Initial Consultation
Cost: Free

APPLICATION Product Case Study
Cost: $150 AUD

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