Make People Better – 3 impactful words DJ lives by and by which Neora was founded. No wonder she is so passionate about sharing this story. She believes that through any adversity we might face we can come out better and stronger.  And yes, the way we look and feel about the way we look MATTERS!

Are you ready to supercharge your skincare routine and see transformative results? Our Advanced Skincare Set is the holy grail of our clean-meets-performance lineup and addresses every major sign of aging—from discoloration and dull texture to fine lines and wrinkles—with the synergistic muscle that powers five of our best-selling products.

Cleanse, smooth, brighten and blur with this multi-functional approach to skincare (did we mention it’s all vegan?) that doesn’t make you choose between clean products and serious results that you’ll feel and see instantly—and only get better over time.

And if you know Neora’s philosophy by now, you know that each product doesn’t just stop at its “description.” Each product in this set offers amazing results alone, but together, the boosted results are simply radiant.

Set includes:

  1. Age IQ® Day Cream (1 fl.oz)
  2. Age IQ® Night Cream (1 fl.oz)
  3. Age IQ® Double-Cleansing Face Wash (4 fl.oz)
  4. Age IQ® Eye Serum (0.3 fl.oz)
  5. IllumaBoost® Brightening Vitamin C Serum (0.5 fl.oz per bottle/2 bottles per package)

Here is a link to my video on how to use the set

And a video of a product overview and business opportunity

Here is a link to purchase the set

Everyone talks about the DISadvantages to Aging, but there are so MANY ADVANTAGES! Whether you are in your teens or in your nineties you are aging! Listen in as my guests share some amazing tips about life and lessons learned that we can all learn from.  Listen in every other Monday to a new episode OR subscribe to my podcast community to receive updates when a new episode is ready to be released.

For the month of November ONLY – get 20% off, free shipping AND a box of HydroGel Eye Patches FREE with the purchase of the Advanced Skincare Set as a smart shop order.  Any questions, please contact me at or by phone at 401-439-7761

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