I’m a single mom of 3 adult children, which I understand the challenges and emotions that come with a single parent life. Currently, I reside in Southern California and I am able to service a global community. I enjoy baking, family time and personal reflection. Having been a leader and member of numerous network marketing companies, I have finally found a ground floor opportunity that aligns with my passions. My cousin introduced me to the opportunity in late October 2021. She said how often does an opportunity like this come along when you are a pioneer in the company and have a connection with the CEO. My cousin said to just jump in! So I did!!

Cruelty Free, NO Parabens, NO Sulfates and Hypoallergenic. This revolutionary DIY system is patent-pending, creates salon-quality, 2-week-wearing lashes and nails and NO DAMAGING to your own lashes or nail beds. What makes us special? All our lashes and nails are handmade by lash artists and nail artists in North America.

I am dedicated to helping women to feel comfort, empowerment, encouragement and support needed to fulfill their dreams. Who do you know facing an extreme lack of confidence due to the salon lash extension damage or suffering from nail bed damage and/or thinning nails? A lot of women are experiencing this problem daily. Doll House developed an alternative makeup solution which is time-saving and semi-permanent, plus safe for long-term use. The lashes were created to give women a real solution that they could apply at home, to feel instantly glamorous, without spending hours at the salon and the wear 10+ days – without worrying about running mascara or hassle of re-applying false lashes daily. This is the powerful story of a woman wanting to create a product not only for herself but for all women who need or needs an alternative solution in feeling beautiful from the inside out. I am on a mission to guide amazing women to design a LIFE of EMPOWERMENT and LEGACY by connecting them to a woman-run company that provides tools that offers them community and security.

Our products are AMAZING! I am looking forward to you trying them. Call ME today at (626) 734-6620 to experience the glamorous life in the comfort of your own home.

Changing lives one lash, one nail at a time!

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