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DTPH Designs

DTPH is a one-stop-shop for graphic design, illustrations and websites

At DTPH we create beautiful print media, such as logo design, magazines, brochures, flyers and book design. With the necessary experience in illustration, I combine my skills in design and illustration to create children’s books. When you, on top of all that, also need a website, I help you set up, design and maintain the website. This makes DTPH a one-stop-shop for every entrepreneur.


DTPH was founded by Mireille van Yperen. After finishing design college in The Netherlands, I worked for several print companies and design agencies to gain experience. In 2003 I started ‘DTP-hulp.nl’, translated, it means: DeskTopPublishing-help. The idea for this company was to support printers and design agencies during their peak hours, but this idea took a turn, when potential clients in The Netherlands and abroad, approached me directly to work with me.

The Dutch name ‘DTP-hulp.nl’ didn’t reflect the business activities anymore, because of working abroad in countries like US, UK, Belgium, Curacao and China, the Dutch name also became impossible to use. Therefore I changed the name to simply DTPH. Nowadays I shortened it even more, the logo only shows the D of what once was DTP-hulp.nl. A once small Dutch company going worldwide with the D of Design, Dutch and the foundation where it all began: DTP-hulp.nl.

Graphic design

You’re very good at running your own business but when it comes to graphic design, you’re colour blind, you have no sense of creative skills and struggle to make an outstanding flyer or brochure. Stop! Leave this to me. With my 25+ years of experience, I know exactly how to make your business shine and attract your potential customers.


Have you been working on a great story for a picture book but you have no idea, how to move from the story on paper to an actual book? I help you creating the characters by illustrating the book and finalize everything in a perfect design, that can be used to self publish or printed.

Web design

‘What is your website?’ is a standard question most entrepreneurs will ask. It’s important to have an outstanding website where your potential clients can find all the information they need.

I build websites since 1997. Nowadays I work in the CMS WordPress. I install the CMS together with a theme and the needed plugins. I design your website based on your branding and I help you with updates and maintenance.

DTPH is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to keep your business going. Contact me for more information by email: mireille@dtp-hulp.nl or whatsapp +31 651880648

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