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Glam Lab Maven

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Who might that be? My story is I came from the South Bronx, NY. If you don’t know about this place, to make a long story short it’s poor neighborhoods without great education . I learned sprinkles of how the ‘other half lives’ and I wanted more out of life. In this journey, I had to discover and redesign myself because I knew that the person I wanted to be was more than what I learned back home.

I took time to study psychology, quantum physics, neurology, personal development and more to keep that creation on-going. I fell in love with personal care and cosmetics; it is a reminder of the fact that I can create myself everyday. I also customize my cosmetics because everyone deserves the right to meet their match that covers you coloring, skin type, personality and lifestyle.

I lost my mother to throat cancer when I was 20 and it gave me another mission to learn as much as I can about healing and health. Today, I give to you all my passions in a weekly class called beauty from the inside out because beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself and you have the power to create just that.

Join us weekly Wednesday at 5 PM EST for an online class to teach cosmetic technique and application, and healthier lifestyles through your mind and body. I would love to meet you. Send a text to (518) 468-0322 with the code “Maven” to join the next event exclusively. Or use the QR Code below:

Send a text to (518) 468-0322 with the code “Fortworth” to get 20% off your custom blend. Or use the QR Code below:

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