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Happy Neighborhood Project - The Referral Resource Guide

Happy Neighborhood Project

The Happy Neighborhood Project connects people with local Happy Businesses!

When COVID first started, HNP decided to help spread happiness in the small business community. In March 2020 we launched our first virtual Happy Business Networking event where business people can exchange referrals. One year later, we host 65+ weekly events in 34 states and 6 countries so that you can network to grow your business.

For Businesses

Studies show that a decrease of a 1 star rating could mean a 5-9% of annual revenue loss for a business. Also, data shows that about 25% of reviews are either fake, suspicious, or non-service related. Happy Neighborhood Project (HNP) helps small business owners by humanizing the review system.

HNP has a Happy Case Manager that works with the consumer and your business to give you a fair chance to make things right without having to be publicly shamed.

Our mission is to make Happy Neighborhood Project the happiest place in the world for business just like Disney is the happiest place for children. Here you can have access to resources that can help your business.

For Consumers

Happy Neighborhood Project helps you find Happy Businesses in your neighborhood without reading reviews. We know that you are busy, so we did the hard work for you. Your local Happy Businesses have taken two pledges:

  1. To provide great customer service to you
  2. To promote a positive work environment.

In case you are not happy, instead of leaving a review anywhere else and nothing happening, leave feedback on our website instead. Our Happy Case Manager will help resolve your issue because you deserve to be happy!

Register to attend for free, forever, here: hnpabc.com/network

We care about your privacy. We strive to protect any information you submit to us in accordance with GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD privacy regulations.