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Are you tired of buying bottled water? Do you like how your water tastes, smells, or feels? Does your water SMELL? Do you have to replace your clothes or your appliances often? STOP and get a system or systems to alleviate all of that!

With this ad, you will receive a free basic water test and evaluation of your water! We specialize in your needs!

JBC Water Treatment Company is a water purification company that focuses on your clean water needs. We offer whole-house solutions and drinking water systems for purchase, lease, or rent to the homeowner. We can purify water straight from your tap whether it is city or well water.

We offer many options for each setup and also provide service. Our whole house units, made by Hague Quality Water, are unique because they have multiple compartments for multiple medias that remove the unwanted contaminants. Our drinking water systems can remove contaminants that a whole house can’t. These systems can also have an alkaline filter added so that minerals can be added back into the water.

We offer solutions to all of your needs with our products and services at the highest level of certification in the industry. We value education and knowledge and stay up to date with the latest in the industry.

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