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There is a lot of good and bad that can be said (and often is) about all of the payment platforms that we have to choose from in Canada and the US.

I got started working in the payments industry when I went looking for answers to the frustration my Dad was having with his payment solution for our family business:

  1. the promised savings were not there, in fact he was paying more.
  2. he disliked the terminal that had been sent to him and
  3. he couldn’t reach the person who had switched his account to get his complaints addressed.

This is why my partners and I have built KIS Payments to our current 5 star service rating using our 3 pillars of: Transparency, True Service and Technology. 

My goal is to help business owners select the solution that is the best fit for their business and to reduce potential frustrations for this aspect of their business by providing them with top tier customer service.



New business? I can help you get set up with processing, answer your questions and help you choose the solution that best fits your needs.

Already have a processing solution but not sure how you’re currently sitting? I can help you analyze your processing and let you know how it stacks up and what (if anything) you might want to change. Before making any changes make sure you know what you have, what questions to ask if you’re looking at comparisons, any penalties you might have should you terminate your contract and if you have any equipment considerations you will want to factor into your decision.

Request your complimentary statement review, a no-obligation cost comparison with your current payment solution can be requested any time.

Alternative Business Financing

  1. Unsecured Business Loans (Can and US)
  2. Equipment Financing (Can and US)
  3. Unsecured Business Line of Credit (LOC – USA only)
  4. Unsecured Homeowners loans (Can only)

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