Jenni Rock – Certified Mastery Coach
Parenting Conflict Resolution Expert
Alliances – family/divorce law or health professionals

We all know family and friends that are getting divorced and fighting.

We all know people who have divorced or separated, and we all know cases where it has become extremely toxic, and they are at war with each other. They believe that getting divorced will make life better, in reality the gloves come off and it becomes all about ‘winning’  and the children are just used as weapons or disregarded, I help those parents that want help to escape the war.

Statistics show that children growing up in a toxic co-parenting environment are more likely to suffer from behavior regression, bedwetting, anxiety, truancy, falling grades at school, self-harm, drug or alcohol abuse, mental health issues and even suicide.

And if that isn’t enough, then they will go on to repeat the cycle of toxic relationships in adulthood. As a parent, we all want what’s best for our children. But what happens when you’re co-parenting with someone you don’t get along with? Conflicts arise, leaving you and your children feeling frustrated and stressed.

That’s where ‘Coparenting Without Conflict’ comes in. We help parents navigate the challenges of co-parenting, ensuring that they and their co-parent can communicate effectively and put the needs of the children first.

Our approach is based on communication and boundary setting in a new dynamic style, helping you to overcome conflict and establishing a more effective co-parenting relationship. By working with us, they’ll be able to provide their children with a stable and supportive environment, free from the stress and conflict that can often accompany co-parenting.

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