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Purple Mountain Associates Investigative and Security Consulting Services combine security risk management, protection, and investigative solutions into a centralized, combined business practice that focuses on reducing security risks and in the development of usable information. We assist clients in determining where and when risk is most likely to turn in to threats and the most effective means to reduce or eliminate the threat – assisting organizations and individuals with the knowledge to make critical decisions that ensure better-managed outcomes.

Purple Mountain Professional Investigations

Purple Mountain Associates specializes in a wide range of investigative inquiries and services. We provide special investigative fact-finding support and information research analysis to private, commercial, corporate, and legal clients. We are a leading provider of private investigative inquiries to confidential surveillance services in North-Texas. We employ advanced technologies, sophisticated surveillance techniques, and meticulous investigative practices to uncover intimate complex details of our clients’ cases from exposing insurance fraud to uncovering internal security breaches.

Purple Mountain Security Related Services

Security lacking strength, compromised operations, and/or non-existent security programs open an organization to substantial risk with considerable exposure to lawsuits. Exposed assets are vulnerable to damage, loss, misuse, or theft and can cost an organization. We have extensive and diverse experience in various public and business sectors and unique environments such as high-risk or high-profile properties including data centers, banks, high-rise buildings, hospitals, drug clinics, homeless shelters, national corporations, healthcare, commercial property, criminal justice, government, non-profits, law enforcement, legal, religious, and educational organizations to assist you meeting your security needs.

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