I provide clarity and confidence to establish better life/work balance, increase your impact, and know your purpose. Providing various services and options, Restoring Significance is your place for renewal and revitalization.

Are you looking for purpose and meaning? Has your organization lost a step lately? Maybe you just need to talk it out with someone who can guide you through finding your purpose, direction, and meaning. I’m Aaron Summers and ready to help you restore significance to you, your family, business, or church.

I assist people and organizations in restoring significance through adjusting perspectives and awakening possibilities.

I have served churches, communities, and individuals for over 25 years. I have helped many people and churches find, or restore, their significance during this time. Today, we are experiencing a dramatic shift in the workforce and church. Sometimes we just need a little help.

Here are a few ways I can serve you:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Purpose / Vision / Mission / Direction
  • Conflict Management
  • Team-Based Leadership Training
  • Committee and Ministry Development
  • Revitalization (Church/Non-Profit and Commercial)
  • Deacon/Elder/Leadership Training
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Organizational Succession Planning

How can I assist you in restoring significance? Let’s Talk!

I am a native of Tennessee having graduated Union University in 1992. I graduated Southwestern Baptist Seminary in 1996 with a Master of Divinity and in 2023 with a Doctor of Ministry. I have served churches for 30 years in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Texas.

I’m married to Dulcie, and we have two children: Samuel and Isabella. Dulcie and I currently reside in Fort Worth, TX. I enjoy traveling with the family and often spend the weekend in the RV with Dulcie to rest and restore my sanity!

My values are:

  • Family First
  • Intimate Faith
  • Serve Strong
  • Proven Loyalty

I am certified in the Foundations of Coaching, Church Consultation, and the Younique process.

It’s Time to Get Started

Personal Coaching

Are you unsure what is next for you? Unhappy at work and need to discover what you’re made to do? Maybe you just need help with a particular decision or overcoming an obstacle. Everyone goes through transitions, doubts, or confusing times. Aaron can help you navigate those transitions through personal coaching and development. Whether it is family transitions, personal life stages, or career guidance, Aaron can provide the guidance you need to reach your potential. Connect today for a FREE session.

The Clarity Process will help you increase your impact and know your purpose. Through our time together you will:

  1. Know what you are wired to do.
  2. Understand the values you have.
  3. Align your life with integrity for greater impact.
  4. Have better control over actionable steps and self-mastery.

Let’s talk about enhancing your clarity.

Business Coaching

Your organizational or departmental health is critical to the long-term ability to reach your goals.  Aaron can come alongside you and your team to understand life cycles, meeting strategies, overall purpose and direction, or simply provide a keynote for your next quarterly or annual meeting.  Connect with Aaron today.

Church/Staff Consult

I am an experienced church leader.  I can help your church understand the next steps in growth and development.  My strengths are in strategic thinking, analysis, and communication.  My pastoral experience provides a unique perspective on coaching ministers, teams, committees, deacons, etc.  Connect with me to determine your best course of action with a FREE initial assessment.
Has your church experienced a decline over the past decade?  Are you struggling to understand the community and culture you live in today?  Do you need to lead change but are unsure of how to start? Connect with Aaron today with your FREE initial assessment.

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