I want to ask you a question, do you know if your computer is truly cyber secure? Business owners all over North America hire me to make sure they have the cyber security they need for their websites and technology based on their business and industry. In 30 minutes or less I can detect the level of cyber security you have or need and make the necessary recommendations for your safety, privacy and protection. To schedule a complimentary 30-minute session with me to find out if you are cyber secure use my calendar link below:! I refer to myself as a computer technologist, which simply means what ever your computer woe’s are, I will most likely have a solution for you.

Whatever your issue is, from maintenance to repairs to tutoring and Internet Security. And with added LegalShield.ca I can give you Cyber Security. I have helped people all over north America as the majority of my work is done online with Zoom.us and Anydesk.com I am diverse in Windows, Mac & Linux. .

I have been doing all this and more since I retired from truck driving in 2015. Since the 80’s, I have be helping people with their computers and security.

Best regards,
Happy Web Surfing!

Abidel (Abby) Bassie-Cripps





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