VBOSS Lena Stroots
Lena Stroots, VBOSS
  • LinkedIn Training to get you out of the quiet zone into the engagement zone – building rapport and relationships to grow your client base!
  • Social Media posts and campaign ideation – what, when, and how from basics to blogs
  • Training you how to make the most of automatic scheduling programs
  • Consulting services that ensure company productivity and efficiency, including implementing business strategies, evaluating company performances, and supervising employees.
  • Business “Un” Coaching – taking the “You Should” out of the picture and putting the “Let’s Consider” back in.

We look at your processes, messages, and baselines with an unbiased view of our businesses.

You know your business, and getting stuck in it can be frustrating!

With VBOSS, you will have a trusted advisor who will evaluate with candor, care, and collaboration, resulting in a higher ROI overall.

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