Why Use A Travel Advisor?

Your Warp One Travel advisor is trained and certified in many destinations, by resorts and hotels, cruise lines and more! Your personal travel advisor has experienced many of these places and cruises and provide first-hand perspectives that allow them to curate a vacation to match your style of travel, match your bucket and wish lists, and exceed your vacation expectations.

An online travel booking engine is a computer. Your Warp One Travel advisor is a person that will listen to you and care about your vacation, from beginning to end, even when things go wrong.

If something happens while traveling, a call to the help desk at “ortravepediocity.com” results in long hold times and assistance from someone that doesn’t know you, doesn’t know what you booked and why you booked it. When you work with Warp One Travel you have direct access to your travel advisor through text, WhatsApp and direct phone number/ Your personal travel advisor is there for you no matter what – flight changes, missed ground transfers, illness, weather issues, civil unrest and more! Your travel advisor has either experienced, had clients go through it or has a colleague that has shared their knowledge of a situation and resolution.

Warp One Travel is affiliated with a network of more than 4,000 travel advisors around the country. This volume provides Warp One Travel with direct access to major travel supplier senior level executives who are available to step in and help resolve problems. This same network also provides special pricing opportunities that may not be available elsewhere.

Warp One Travel Services

Warp One Travel is your single-stop resource for any type of vacation. We have certifications in destinations around the globe, including:

  • Caribbean islands
  • South Pacific
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Central and South America

If you’re interested in cruising – ocean or river – Warp One Travel is certified by all the major cruise lines, among them:

  • Carnival
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Celebrity
  • Princess
  • Norwegian
  • Holland America

How Much Does a Travel Advisor Cost?


At this time, Warp One Travel does not charge a planning fee or research fee. This has been our model since the beginning and while many travel advisory services have moved to this structure since the pandemic, Warp One Travel has not.

Regardless of whether you book direct or use “ortravepediocity.com” pricing always includes commission. If you book direct, that money goes directly to the supplier bottom line rather than get paid to a local, small business like Warp One Travel. If you book with an online booking engine, that commission goes to a major company – many of which are owned by the same larger corporation.

Corporate Travel Management

Leisure travel isn’t the end of our services. Warp One Travel works with small and medium sized business to help control travel expenses. We work with in existing corporate travel polices to book corporate travel for our clients. We can also help develop travel policies that will help save money and allow employees to focus on revenue-building and client-based activities.

These are contracted services and are negotiated with each company. Email us at info@warp1travel.com for more information.

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